AeroBed Extra Bed with Built-in Pump

$76.34 (as of January 23, 2020, 8:17 pm)

Fast inflation and deflation with built-in pump
Flocked fleece surface for comfort
Oval coil construction adds extra support


The AeroBed Additional Mattress supplies the very best mixture of options for convenience, convenience, and reliability so that you or your visitors will sleep in taste. The dual-sized Additional Mattress measures seventy four-inch lengthy via 39-inch huge via nine-inch top while inflated, and includes a cushy, flocked fleece floor for added convenience. The Mattress’s oval coil building guarantees Additional reinforce, all night time lengthy. The bed is Built of heavy-gauge, puncture resistant PVC vinyl, with a washer-friendly floor for without equal in convenience. The tough integrated pump inflates the Mattress in simply three-minute and the AeroBed’s well-known Whoosh valve permits you to deflate the Mattress in simply 15-2nd. The AeroBed comes with a to hand garage bag, so it is simple to move and retailer.
Speedy inflation and deflation with integrated pump
Flocked fleece floor for convenience
Oval coil building provides Additional reinforce
Built of heavy-gauge, puncture-resistant PVC vinyl
Dual measurement measures seventy four-inch via 39-inch via nine-inch top while inflated

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