100% WAVELESS WATERBED Mattress/Liner/Heater/Fill Drain/Conditioner KIT

$429.95 (as of December 10, 2019, 7:56 am)

InnoMax Luxury Support – LS 7300
Blue Magic Fill and Drain Kit with Conditioner


The InnoMax Hydrodynamic Sleep Bed Simulates The Results of Weightlessness Through Keeping Each Bed & Frame In Stability Inside of A Fluid Setting. Built Solely of Top Molecular, Particularly Formulated, I-Flex Vinyl with Top rate Grade Plasticizers For Lengthy Lasting Suppleness, Flexibility and Longer Bed Lifestyles. Crafted with Heater Appropriate Trimilitate Black Vinyl Bottom For Heater Pad Compatibility and Environment friendly Warmth Switch. Designed with Recessed Seams On The Bottom, Minimizing Seam Stress & Maximizing Sturdiness. Ultra Top rate Pearlized, Dynamic Radial Best with Omni-Directional Overcut Vinyl. Tri-Sectional, Multi-Zoned, Vacuum Shaped, Frame Profile Reinforce Best Promotes Right kind Frame Alignment. Hydro Raise Energy Reinforce Provides Interactive Reinforce The place The Frame Wishes It So much. Tri-Shield, Certain-Grip, Triple {Strength|Energy|Potential} Laminated Seamless Corners. Generously Overcut, Radial, Decrease Tension Reinforce Best Lets in For Each and every Sleeper To Revel in Drive Loose Reinforce With out Disrupting Each and every Different. Enhanced Mid-Frame Reinforce Supplies Awesome Reinforce The place The Frame Wishes It So much. Simple Care, Level, Fill and Air Unencumber Valve Machine. Rugged four-Approach Hook & Eyelet Tethering Removes Fiber Transferring For Consistent Reliability. Vinyl protection liner. Comprises the entire portions to fill and drain your waterbed with ease. Cast State Heater.
InnoMax Luxurious Reinforce – LS 7300
Blue Magic Fill and Drain Kit with Conditioner
7 Complete Frame Enhanced Fiber Reinforce Layers, Plus 3 Further Enhanced Mid-Frame Reinforce Layers.
Quantum Cast State Heater

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